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Business credit for small businesses

The application only takes 1 minute, you will be notified within 1 hour and the money will be paid out the same day. Amazing, right?

How do I get a business loan for my company?

It's quite simple! You make a free and non-binding application with us in Qred. Here's how it works:

  1. The application takes 1 minute
  2. You will be notified within 1 hour
  3. The money will be paid out the same day

The loan also has...

  • No lock-in period
  • No start-up fees
  • No hidden costs

In a world where small businesses face financial challenges, access to capital is a necessity. Business credit provides the financial flexibility and security needed for small businesses to grow and adapt to changing market conditions. At Qred, we offer business credit with a simple application process where you can get the money the same day, and you only pay a fixed monthly price with no commitment period.

In a world where small businesses face economic challenges, access to capital is not just an advantage - it's a necessity. Business credit offers the financial flexibility and security needed for small businesses to grow and adapt to changing market conditions. Whether it's covering unexpected costs or funding expansion plans, business credit can play a crucial role in the growth of your business. 

In this article, we look at what business credit is and how to apply for it for your business - stay tuned! 

In 6 minutes or less, you'll learn how business credit differs from business loans, the interest rate on business credit and the requirements for business credit. 

What is business credit?

Business credit is a so-called overdraft or business overdraft that gives your small business more financial freedom and mobility. It is a line of credit granted by a bank or lender where you use the money according to the different needs of your business. 

Business credit can be crucial for small business finances as it enables various investments in areas such as: 

  • Capital goods
  • Expansion projects
  • Managing liquidity in different periods


With the help of business credit, you can ensure your business receives capital at the right time to support both growth and daily operations.

Business credit vs business loan

Corporate credit is similar to business loans in that your company receives a grant of capital, but with one big difference - with corporate credit, you are granted a sum and choose how much of that sum you then spend. This is not how a business loan works, where you as the borrower are bound to repay the entire loan amount, plus interest beyond that amount. With a business loan, you only pay back the money you have spent, not the entire amount you have been granted. 

Business credit for startups 

For a fledgling small business, business credit can be indispensable - as new businesses may not always have established creditworthiness or long business history, it can sometimes be harder to qualify for traditional business loans. This can make business credit a valuable and more flexible resource in the early and unpredictable days of business operations. 

Business credit interest rates: what does it look like?

When it comes to business credit with traditional banks and lenders, interest is only paid on the money you spend, unlike a business loan where interest is paid on the entire loan amount. 

At Qred, we do things a little differently - instead of interest, you pay a fixed price each month for your business credit. So we have no interest or other costs, but you pay the same fixed fee every month. Business credits with us have no lock-in period and you only pay for the months you have the credit. 

How to apply for business credit with Qred

Business credit online with Qred is fast, safe and simple. Applying for a business loan is a smooth process that can be summarized in three simple steps:

  1. Apply in one minute: Fast and simple application process. The application is free and non-binding, and we do not take any credit checks on you as an individual.
  1. Get an answer within an hour: After you apply, we'll get back to you within an hour - you'll be notified of the amount of credit your business is granted.
  1. Same day payout: Sign with NemID and get paid the same day.

General requirements for business credit

When applying for business credit as a small business, it's important to be aware of some basic requirements that lenders often have. These requirements can vary slightly, but here are the most common among traditional lenders:

  • Registered company: The company must be officially registered and have a valid CVR number.
  • Tax certificate: The company must be registered for tax.
  • Operating time: Many lenders require that the business has been active for at least six months to a year.
  • Financial health: The company must have a stable financial history with no debt with debt collectors. Creditworthiness is often assessed through a credit report.
  • Turnover requirements: Some lenders may require the company's annual turnover to exceed a certain limit.

It is also common that the owner or director of the company may have to act as a guarantor, which implies personal financial responsibility if the company cannot repay the credit.

These requirements aim to ensure that the company is deemed capable of handling and repaying the credit, mitigating risk for the lender. 

Small business operations with Qred

Business credit can make your small business operations easier by increasing the mobility of money - at Qred, we understand this unique need for small businesses. That's why we offer tailored financing solutions that are fast, flexible and without complicated terms. Our goal is to make financing simple and accessible so you can focus on what's most important - running and growing your business. 

Whether you need help selling invoices, getting business cards, or learning more about business operations with our articles, we're here to contribute to your journey. Get started with Qred today and good luck with your business!

Questions and answers about business credit

What is business credit?

A business credit is a type of financing that gives companies access to a predetermined amount of capital that can be used as needed. It is a flexible solution for managing liquidity or financing investments.

What is required to get overdraft credit?

To get an overdraft facility, the company usually has to meet certain criteria, which often include a stable financial history, operating time and often a check of the company's creditworthiness. There may also be requirements for minimum turnover and that the company has no debt with debt collectors.

What does an overdraft cost?

The cost of a business credit depends on the lender. With Qred, you only pay a fixed monthly price for the business credit, while other lenders may sometimes charge both interest on the amount utilized and any administrative fees. 

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