Feedback and complaints

I have some feedback and ideas on how you could improve your service. 

Qred values our customers' opinions as we always strive to develop and improve our services and customer relationship. We want to hear what you think and value feedback about your experience with our products, service and customer relationship. Your feedback will be looked at and evaluated by the department responsible for our product and service. Please contact our customer service for contact information. 

I am dissatisfied – How can I make a complaint?

Everyone has the right to expect a good service and to have things put right if they go wrong. 

If you are dissatisfied, please contact Qred's customer service in the first instance, at the contact details. They will want to resolve any problems or misunderstandings that have arisen. We aim to deal with all complaints quickly, efficiently and in a positive manner. We will also ensure that any concerns you raise with us are also used as an opportunity to improve our products and services. 

Wherever possible, we will attempt to resolve the matter during your initial contact with Qred's customer service. If this isn’t possible, or you remain dissatisfied with the outcome offered, please continue to the section below.

I have contacted Qred's customer service, but remain dissatisfied. What should I do to move forward?

If you are dissatisfied with the response you have received from us, we recommend that you send a formal complaint to Qred's Complaints Administrator using the form here or by sending an email to The Complaints Administrator will then impartially, accurately and efficiently review the case and make a new assessment.

Your case will be dealt with via internal escalation at your request, or directly by following the form or writing to the email address above.

The written request must contain complete information about the case in order for us to process it. The Complaints Administrator will need to know what happened in your previous contacts with us, a description of why you are not satisfied and how you want us to resolve your case. 

You will receive a reply as soon as a final decision has been taken and within 14 working days of the submission of your formal complaint. If we are unable to resolve your case within this time, we will contact you within the 14 working days to explain why it is taking longer than expected, when a response can be expected and how we will proceed with your complaint. In such a situation, a final decision will be conveyed within 35 working days, from the date we received your complaint.

You will always receive your answer in writing, unless you and Qred have agreed otherwise.

If your complaint has been rejected by Qred for any reason, or if Qred has been unable to satisfy your request, you have the option of taking your case to court.

Complaints are handled in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations and guidelines issued by the Swedish Financial Institution as well as the European Banking Authority.

You can find the formula for filing a complaint here!

Whistleblower scheme

If you have information on, or reasonable suspicion of, a breach of law in relation to Qred, you can file a report for it here. You will be notified of receipt by Qred within 7 days. Their designated impartial case manager will then assemble a thorough investigation and contact you with the results of that investigation within 90 days of receipt of the report. Whistleblower notifications are confidential and treated in accordance with EU whistleblower directives.

Find the registration form here!