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Helping small and medium-sized businesses with financing.
Business loans up to 2 million DKK

Qred helped me take a chance with an extension.

- Nader, Rajissimo

A good dialog with Qred allowed us to kick off.

- Carsten, Daugbjerg kalkgruber

Thanks to Qred, the company was able to weather a tough time.

- Rudi, GenstartHjertet

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Qred was founded in Stockholm with a vision to create a bank that understands the entrepreneur.


Qred opens in Finland with offices in Helsinki and Latvia.


Qred opens in Denmark.


Qred opens in the Netherlands


Qred opens in Brazil.


Qred opens in Belgium and is named Sweden's fastest growing fintech company by Financial Times.


Qred launches My Qred and integrates eSkat.


Qred opens in Norway and partners with Trustly.


Qred officially becomes a bank.

From a bucket of cold water in the face
to Sweden's fastest growing fintech company

Emil Sunvisson was a young and ambitious entrepreneur with a dream and plenty of drive when he showed up at his bank, which had just been named Business Bank of the Year.

He presented his business plan and his desire to open an account with a deposit of 100,000 DKK This was going to be good!

But it didn't turn out quite as Emil had planned. Fifteen minutes later, he stood outside feeling like a cold bucket of water had been thrown at his head.

During the meeting, he had been met with outdated views and holes had been poked in both his business idea and his confidence.

However, it took more than that to extinguish the dream!

Today, Emil can call himself a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of one of Europe's fastest growing fintech companies, challenging the market dominance of traditional banks.

Qred Bank was created with the mission to give entrepreneurs and small businesses the support that is often hard to get from traditional banks.

Getting a business loan has never been easier or faster, so why not do it with a bank that specializes in entrepreneurship and the financial challenges you face as a small business?

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