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Qred partnership

Qred helps your customers with financing

Help your customers invest and grow by offering them flexible financing - partner with Qred today! With Qred as a partner, you can help your customers invest and grow thanks to fast and flexible financing. At the same time, you have the opportunity to increase your income through our partner commission.
Become a partner!

What does a Qred partnership entail?

Partnering with Qred means rewarding you for helping other business owners find fast and flexible financing for their business needs. We offer flexible business loans with no starting fee or hidden costs, helping entrepreneurs build their future with the right funding. Our partner helps us reach more business owners with a direct solution to a financing need. It can be as simple as an additional disbursement loan for leasing a company car, purchasing inventory, or purchasing tools or services. Whatever your financing needs, Qred offers the tools to make your business better by enabling financial support for your customers as a complementary service. Plus we reward you - our partner - with a commission for each successful referral (loan accepted), making a partnership with Qred is the smart choice for you and your customers.

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It is as easy to partner with Qred as it is to apply for a business loan at Qred. Contact our partnership team here to find out more about the beneficial opportunities for you and your customers

Helena Rissel

Head of Partnerships

Benefits of a partnership with Qred:

  • Register as a
    partner of Qeld

    Fill in your details and send us an application to become a Qeld partner. We promise to get back to you soon with a reply.

  • Start referring customers immediately

    Sending tips about new customers is very easy. We handle all referrals quickly and professionally.
  • Receive rewards for successful leads

    Does the client you referred take out a loan with us? Then you may be eligible for additional rewards and incentives.
    • The best thing about a partnership with Qred is the mutual desire to make things happen. I recommend contacting Qred if you want additional income. As a partner, they are extremely flexible.

      Qred partner
      Sales agency
    • Typically, marketing requires a greater investment for better results. With Qred, my clients split the cost of the investment up over several months, making deciding on the investment easier for them. That way we can start faster and faster start getting results.
      Qred Partner
      Marketing agency

    Benefits of a partnership with Qred:

    • Possibility to sell more products/services to other companies.  
    • Less disruption and more successful deals in your sales pipeline.
    • No cost, no commitments, no effort - only rewarding opportunities.
    • Commission for each successful referral (loan accepted).
    • Qred is fully responsible for the financial risk.

    Who can become a partner

    • Company brokers and intermediaries
    • Retailers and suppliers
    • Accounting and auditing firms
    • Business advisers and consultants
    • Debt collection, credit and finance companies
    • Programming and IT providers

    How do you want your customers to start their application process?

    We offer partners two ways of onboarding customers into Qred:
    Form of application
    Add Qred widget script to your page. You can also customize with your own logo and expression if desired.
    An application will be automatically generated for you.
    Integrate your software with the Qred API.
    Your service will be able to interact directly with Qred API to send your customers through.

    Do you need further help?

    Landing page
    We can build and host a landing page that alone has the form of your personal application.
    Partner portal
    Access our partner portal, here you will be able to add customers directly via an internet site.

    How does it work?

    • 1. Register your business
      Submit your information - and we guarantee to return with a further process soon!
    • 2. Send referrals
      Sending potential new customers is simple and easy. We treat your contacts professionally and fairly!
    • 3. get paid directly
      For each of your referrals that turn into a new loan, you will receive a commission!

    Common answers

    What do I get out of a partnership with Qred?

    As a partner with Qred, you can enjoy several options. First, you will receive commission for each successful referral (accepted loan offer). Second, a partnership with Qred will allow you to expand your customer base. For example, do you sell goods and services like company cars or IT solutions? Then a partnership with Qred will help your customers find fast reliable financing to buy your product. Our partnership helps your business grow, invest and develop while receiving a reward for it: it's a win-win for all of us. 

    The benefits of a partnership: 

    • Commission for each successful referral (accepted loan offer)
    • Attractive growth opportunities in a competitive market
    • Help your customers quickly fund your product/service 
    • Expand your customer base
    • Qred is fully responsible for the financial risk: You have no responsibility or risk
    • Become a partner with the 8th fastest growing company in Europe
    • Take advantage of experience on how to make the most of your partner's potential.

    Who can become a partner?

    Companies that sell goods and/or services to other companies, for example leasing companies, IT suppliers, furniture and equipment, business cleaning, financial advice, etc., are possible partners in a partnership with Qred. If you or your business caters to business, not a private consumer, you can become a Qred partner and help other companies find the right funding for your product.

    How do I become a partner?

    Registering as a partner is as simple as applying for a loan! You can simply indicate your interest in a partnership on our Partner page by clicking 'Become a partner' and informing us of your company information and contact information. Our partner responsible will then take your application into account and contact you for a chat about the additional options.

    How does a partnership with Qred work?

    A partnership with Qred is the ideal opportunity to be rewarded for helping other companies (and your customers). The concept is simple: do you know of an entrepreneur who needs a business loan? Refer them to Qred and encourage them to submit a non non-binding and free loan application. If Qred sends them an offer that they accept, you - as a referenced partner - will receive a commission. This means that you can help other companies find quick financing to achieve your product or service, expand your customer base while rewarding you in the process.

    What are the costs of Qred's Loan?

    Qred does not have a fixed interest rate, instead we make an individual credit rating for each company - offering them a personalized solution to best suit their needs. Qred offers full transparency and single-to-understand loan terms. For example, we have no startup fee, no hidden costs and do not work with a binding period. Instead, each customer is given the opportunity to decide for themselves how to repay the loan at any time, this gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to fully control their finances. 

    What do our customers pay monthly? We charge a standard service fee for our loans (based on maturity, individual credit rating and loan amount), along with a standard installment. 

    Put together the two (service fee + installments) and you have the fixed monthly payment, without surprises. Simple, easy and transparent: that's why entrepreneurs choose Qred for business loans and finance.

    Who is Qred?

    Qred is an expert in business loans and business finance. Since its founding in 2015, Qred's mission has been to finance entrepreneurs and help businesses grow, invest and develop. We offer flexible business loans with no set-up fees and hidden charges: just the way business loans should be.

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