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Carsten, Daugbjerg limestone quarries
A good dialog with Qred enabled us to get started.

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Thanks to Qred, I was able to keep my business running during a tough period - Rudi, Restart Heart
Qred is a partner for the company - Nader, Rajissimo

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About Qred Bank

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Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Qred Bank is one of Europe's fastest growing fintech companies according to the Financial Times. Qred has delivered profitable growth from the start and is the market leader in the Nordics with Denmark's most satisfied customers, according to Trustpilot.

With operations in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Germany and Brazil, Qred has issued hundreds of thousands of loans to small businesses. With a fully automated credit scoring system, Qred Bank is able to offer you a fast and competitive financing option.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the interest rate on a loan with Qred?

What is interest?

When you think of 'loan', you probably also think of 'interest rate'. Interest is the price you pay for borrowing money. It is usually expressed as a percentage and corresponds to a percentage of the amount borrowed. The interest rate can be either fixed or variable and depends on factors such as:

  • Borrower's creditworthiness
  • Borrower's finances
  • Loan term
  • The current loan market

What is the interest rate on a Qred loan?

At Qred bank, we don't operate with interest, but instead with a fixed monthly fee.

The monthly fee for a loan is highly individual for each borrower and depends on a Q-score based on factors such as

  • Borrower's creditworthiness
  • Borrower's finances
  • Company turnover
  • Loan term
  • The loan amount

The monthly fee is the only cost of taking out a business loan with Qred and is only paid for as long as the loan is active.

Pay off your loan early and save money

The way we determine your monthly fee is by looking at the above factors, among others. From this, we calculate a total amount for what it will cost to borrow the money. The total amount is then evenly distributed over the number of months the loan will run for.

However, since you only pay a monthly fee for the months that the loan is active, early repayment allows you to save the monthly fee for each month that you no longer have your loan.

Let's look at an example:

If the loan amount is 120,000 DKK with a term of 18 months and a total cost of the loan of 27,000 DKK, this corresponds to a monthly fee of 1,500 DKK

Redemption after 18 months:

18 months x 1,500 DKK = 27,000 DKK

Redemption after 12 months:

12 months x 1,500 DKK = 18,000 kr

By repaying the loan early, you will have saved 9,000 DKK

What's the difference between traditional banks and Qred?

There is a wealth of options when you enter the loan market. That's why it's good to know what the differences are when choosing a lender.

The traditional banks

Traditional banks are often able to offer favorable interest rates on your loans, and it can be nice to take out a loan with a bank you already have a relationship with. On the other hand, it can be difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to get approved for a loan, and if you do manage to get the bank to talk to you, the application process is often a lengthy affair. This is partly due to the fact that traditional banks have strict requirements and guidelines that must be met before they can approve a loan.

The process can be a taboo and disheartening experience, especially for new and small businesses, which are particularly vulnerable to financial challenges.

Qred bank

Qred Bank is an alternative loan provider that, despite having a banking license, is not subject to the same strict guidelines and requirements as traditional banks. This means that there is generally a higher cost of taking out a loan. On the other hand, the application process is short, which can make the difference between a business being able to take on new customers, increase its turnover or even just stay in business.

Qred's customer service specializes in loans for small and medium-sized businesses, which means we can meet our applicants and customers with a completely different understanding and guidance.

In short, a loan from Qred Bank can be a crucial factor in a company's existence.

If you want to know more, read our FAQ.

If you need money for cash flow or the holiday season, you can apply today and have the money as early as tomorrow.

If you're still considering whether a loan is the right solution for you, feel free to contact us at or 89 87 10 06.

What happens if I can't repay the loan?

You will first receive a reminder that we need your payment. On an ongoing basis, you will receive further reminders. We encourage you to contact us as soon as you realize you have a problem with a payment so that we can work together to find a solution that suits both parties.

If no agreement is reached, we will have to refer the case to debt collection via our legal liaison.

How does Qred differ from other business loans?

Qred offers an alternative and flexible solution for businesses. Using modern technology and algorithms, we can analyze data from hundreds of sources to make a solid assessment of the applicant's business. Quickly and efficiently. For Danish businesses, this means that it now takes just one minute to apply for a business loan and the money is disbursed quickly after signing. No other company approves and disburses business loans faster than Qred. In addition, Qred offers a new repayment solution, which means that you only pay for the loan for the time you actually have it. This means that you are never tied to a loan with us and can repay the loan at any time at no extra cost.

Who can apply for a loan?

All Danish limited liability companies, private limited companies, sole proprietorships, personally owned small businesses and partnerships can apply for a loan. It doesn't matter whether your business is new or old, large or small - we have helped businesses in all industries. We carry out an individual credit assessment of each business. The most important thing for us is that there is a good and sound business concept and skilled entrepreneurs behind the business.

More questions? Find the answershere!

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What are business loans?

A business loan is a financial solution for businesses that need capital (money) to cover various needs.

Types of business loans

There are different types of business loans. Depending on your business and needs, different types of business loans can work better or worse.

Business loans online

At Qred, we offer business loans online. You don't have to go to a physical bank branch to meet someone at a specific time. All you need to do is apply on our website and you'll get an answer within an hour. The money is paid out the same day you sign the offer - digitally!

Traditional big banks

The traditional big banks still have local branches where you have to book an appointment to meet an advisor. After that, it can take days or even weeks to get a response and the application process is often very time-consuming too.

Benefits of business loans from Qred

In addition to world-class personalized service, you can do everything from applying to getting the money in your account digitally - within hours!

  • No startup fee
  • No lock-in period
  • Free and non-binding application

When should you consider a business loan?

There are several different situations where you can take out a business loan. It could be to cope with a temporary downturn or to invest in something and grow your business. Whatever your reason as a business owner, Qred is here for you.

How does the business loan application process work?

With us at Qred, it's as easy as ordering a book online. Fill in your details like desired loan amount, contact details, etc. It only takes a few minutes. Within an hour, a case manager will contact you with some follow-up questions or an offer. The money is paid out the same day you sign the offer. Done!

Requirements to apply for a business loan

You must be a Danish citizen, have a Danish bank account and be resident in Denmark.

Documentation required for the business loan

Once you've submitted an application to us, we'll run credit checks and start collecting documentation automatically. However, you can always choose to attach what you have directly to the application or choose to send it manually at a later stage.

Business loan interest and fees

At Qred, we want to make it as simple as possible. That's why we have chosen to have a fixed monthly fee as the cost of the loan. So you know exactly what you have to pay each month. We also have no start-up fees or other hidden fees for early repayment or similar. In fact, we encourage you to pay back in advance! That's why our loans have no lock-in period.

Common interest rate types for business loans

Other common types of interest rates and costs for business loans include set-up fees at the beginning of the loan period, administration fees and other types of interest or hidden costs that are good to be aware of.

Alternatives to business loans

There are several different alternatives to business loans. It depends entirely on what you and your business need. If you have a lot of small and daily expenses, a business card can be a good alternative. If it's more a question of liquidity, factoring and selling invoices can be a way to go. There are also some banks and lenders that offer overdraft facilities. This can be good if you want collateral that you can use when needed.

How to find the best business loan?

You often have a "house bank", usually one of the traditional big banks, for your personal finances such as home loans, accounts etc. Many people find it nice to separate their personal finances from their business finances. At Qred, we can offer a world-class personalized service!

What to compare when choosing a business loan

There are many things to consider when taking out a business loan.

  • Don't borrow if you already have too many debts.
  • Don't borrow if you know you'll have a hard time paying it back.
  • Don't borrow to make risky investments.

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