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Entrepreneurship creates prosperity!

According to the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Danish entrepreneurial environment is strong and offers good opportunities to turn ideas into reality and start your own business.

New companies not only contribute to a dynamic and innovative business community. They also contribute to the creation of new jobs. Nevertheless, Denmark is one of the countries in the EU with the fewest self-employed people.

With Qred scholarship , we want to create greater focus on entrepreneurship in Denmark.

Who can enter the competition?

ALL students have the opportunity to participate in the competition!

Since the purpose of the scholarship is to focus on entrepreneurship and business operations, it is a requirement that the final thesis deals with these topics. It may be that you focus on important issues, come up with innovative ideas to promote entrepreneurship in Denmark or something completely different.

The winner of the scholarship will be the one who contributes something completely different, innovative or particularly important for Danish entrepreneurship.

The scholarship has a value á 10.000 kr

Read the general terms further down the page.

Application requirements

The entry requirement for participation in the competition is that you write your final thesis about something about entrepreneurship and/or business operations.

The application shall contain:

– Name, contact information, educational institution
– A summary in which you explain why this topic is important for Danish entrepreneurship, how you have chosen to elucidate/investigate it and a conclusion.
– Appended appendix confirming that the author(s) are student(s) at a Danish educational institution.

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The application period is open until April 30, 2024.
For questions, please write to: scholarship@qred.com

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Previous winners

Title: Spread of electric transportation solutions in rural areas of Zimbabwe: An in-depth study on the role, challenges and sustainable prospects of the population .

This year's winning assignment focused on the acute shortage of accessible and reliable infrastructure in the rural parts of Zimbabwe, in addition to which it also highlighted the consequences it has for especially women's opportunities to become self-supporting.

The assignment offered concrete insights and an innovative solution proposal to introduce an electric alternative to transport, which would not only increase accessibility, but also be sustainable and durable.

This year's winners, Fanny Söderling and Alva Jansson, therefore fully deserved to win this year's Qred scholarship.

Title: Parasitic agglomerations: Informal competition in rural areas of developing countries.

This year's winner of the Qred scholarship chose to focus on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in developing countries at a time when innovation is on the agenda in prosperous countries.

The assignment examines the impact of agglomeration economies on innovation among small and medium-sized enterprises in 23 developing countries, and aims to help entrepreneurs navigate this complex environment.

We are therefore proud to award this year's Qeld scholarship to Albert Waterman.

Title: Recycling of concrete in the construction industry

This year's winner of the Qred scholarship wrote his final thesis on a topic that is highly topical, and especially within the construction industry.

With a sharply challenging angle on the construction industry's impact on the environment, some highly relevant criticisms were raised about the current level of recycling, which unfortunately has room for great improvement.

The task offered just such a focus and critical eyes as we wanted to lift with this competition.

We are therefore proud to award this year's Qred scholarship to Johanna Lagerlund.

General terms and conditions

  • The winner of the scholarship is chosen by a jury at Qred and the decision is final.
  • The scholarship is worth 10,000 DKK The total amount is paid once.
  • To ensure the identity of the participants, an identity check is made of all participants. By signing up, you accept that Qred will perform such checks.
  • Any taxation of the scholarship will be paid by the winner(s).
  • APPLICATION PERIOD: Registration is open until April 30th.
  • APPLICATION: The application must meet all the listed requirements to qualify.
  • PARTICIPANTS: Qred processes personal data in accordance with GDPR. By signing up, participants consent to Qred processing their personal data. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.
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