Qred doubles the loan limit to 2,000,000 DKK


Copenhagen, Denmark, March 21, 2022 - Qred, a fintech lender for self-employed and small businesses, is immediately raising the limit for business loans to 2,000,000 DKK This is a doubling of the previous maximum loan capacity Qred offers. 

The decision to increase the loan limit from 1,000,000 DKK to 2,000,000 DKK is a result of an increasing demand for the larger loans from Danish SMEs, combined with Qred's ambition to offer all SMEs a chance for financing that suits the individual company. 

Qred: "With this increase in loan size, it provides an additional opportunity to help on the more capital intensive investments. This could be the acquisition of new business premises or expensive business equipment."

There have been more and more offers as alternatives to the big banks for traders this year, yet Qred is seeing an increase in applications for the faster liquidity solution. 

For entrepreneurs small and large, this new loan limit from Qred means that loans of up to DKK 2,000,000 can now be applied for; with the same benefits as altidi: no start-up fee, no binding term and disbursement within 24 hours. 

Qred: "Speed and personalized service are our most important attributes, and these remain the foundation of our team. Few entrepreneurs or small businesses have the luxury of waiting weeks for money if a great opportunity presents itself today. That's why we always transfer the money from the loan the same day, provided the contract is signed before 5pm, so the business can act on opportunities quickly. We encourage small and medium-sized businesses to have big ambitions, which is why we are proud to now offer loans up to 2,000,000 DKK"


Sanne Holmvang
Marketing Manager, Denmark