Qred is now ready for Denmark to switch to MitID


Copenhagen 02 May 2022 - Qred is now ready for Denmark to move to MitID.


Qred: "As part of ensuring that it is always the owner who signs our loan offers, we are now ready to also accept signatures with MitID." 

As technology changes and everyone becomes more and more aware of looking after their personal information, NEMid is currently being replaced by the more secure MitID. From its inception in Denmark in 2017, Qred has prioritised a simple and easy access and process, and as part of that process, it also needs to be easy and secure for business owners and signatories to sign their documents. 

Qred: "In a technological world where processes and procedure are regularly updated and renewed, MitID has therefore also been a priority, we have therefore followed from the beginning with the continuous information so that we were ready the moment our customers started receiving their MitID".

Until NEMid is fully phased out in Denmark, it will be possible for each customer to choose whether to sign the loan contract with NEMid or MitID.


Sanne Holmvang
Marketing Manager, Denmark