Loan for restaurant and café

Investing in new equipment, staff or marketing?

How can I borrow for my restaurant?

Usually, traditional banks are often skeptical about lending money to small restaurants. They're seen as risky investments, especially if they've recently started up. However, even if the restaurant has good customer reviews, a long history and no credit history, many restaurants will unfortunately be turned down by traditional banks.

At Qred, we want to help you bypass the hassle of the bank by giving you a business loan. Our business loans are targeted at small businesses and are perfect for restaurants, cafes and pizzerias, for example. Apply now and get a response to your loan application within an hour. The money is paid out the same day.

Is there no one today to take care of you?

Running a restaurant is not easy. It requires you to simultaneously manage customers, suppliers, marketing, staff and food. And Denmark is full of good restaurant businesses.

There are many reasons why Qred is so popular with restaurateurs. For example, cash flows often vary depending on the season. Extra capital may also be needed to renovate, hire staff or promote your restaurant. In such cases, a business loan can help develop and run your restaurant.

Loan for restaurant and café

What can I use a business loan for?

Our loans suit a variety of needs and help you run and grow your restaurant

  • Renovation and refurbishment
  • Purchase of new kitchen equipment
  • Stock and inventory
  • Invest in new marketing
  • Recruit and develop staff

At Qred, we pride ourselves on helping all small businesses!