Loans for consultancy

Do you run your own consultancy? Qred has helped a number of consultancies with funding. See if we can help you too.

No two consultancies are the same

Today, consultants can be found in all industries. It's a modern and fun way to work. It allows you to work with several clients at the same time. And it's good for those who buy the services because they know the experts needed for a limited time. Consultants have a huge advantage just by constantly moving to where the demand is greatest.

Loans for consultancy

Sole consultant or employee?

Many consultancies start out with just one or a few consultants starting together. Once you feel you have gained the trust of clients and demand is increasing, it may be time to hire more. Going from just being the one to having employees is a big commitment. Then you need to constantly keep in mind that you have a buffer to cope with change and still be able to pay the salary costs. In some situations, you may therefore need a subsidy in the form of a business loan.

How can business loans for a consultancy be used?

There are many different applications. For example, some of our clients have used the loan to:

  • Recruit and develop staff
  • Getting through periods of low billing
  • Marketing to attract more customers

You probably know best how your business can use an extra supply.

How to get a business loan?

Applying for our business loans is quick and easy. We'll get back to you within an hour during normal business hours. Once you have approved the loan and signed with your NemId, the money is disbursed immediately.

Everything is included in the monthly fee. We charge no interest, no set-up fee and have no hidden charges. And of course, you only pay for the months you actually use the loan.