Loans for IT companies

Whether your business develops software, works with home pages or infrastructure, the need for extra capital arises from time to time. We have helped many Danish small IT companies with financing.

IT companies develop Denmark

Digitalisation is the most revolutionary transformation that has taken place in our society. It can be compared to the discovery of fire, the wheel, or industrialization. When you are in the middle of the storm, it is difficult to understand how fast it is moving. But think 10 years ahead and you'll see how fast it's moving.

Great opportunities

Denmark has the digital lead, and for companies in the IT sector the growth potential is huge. The only limit is you. To grow, you need to invest. This might involve investing in

  • Recruit and develop staff
  • Inflow of servers and applications
  • Development of apps and websites
Loans for IT companies

How can I finance my IT business

At Qred, we have extensive experience working with all types of small IT businesses. Our business loans suit many different types of needs.

What has made our business loans exceptionally appreciated is that everything is included in the monthly fee, i.e. we don't charge any set-up fee, interest or other weird charges. Plus, you only pay for the months you use the loan. Contact us or make an application to tell us more. We promise to give you a quick answer!