Quick loans for businesses

Are quick loans bad for business?

What is a quick loan for businesses?

When you hear the word quick loans for businesses, many people think of SMS loans for individuals. At Qred, we focus on small businesses. We don't think we work very fast ourselves. After all, we just do what we need to do without leaving things on the desk before we go away for the weekend. We believe that anyone who doesn't handle a loan application right away should be called a slow loan.

With us, you'll usually get a response to your loan application within an hour (during office hours). We disburse the money the same day, although due to bank opening hours, the money may not be in your account until the following day. Is it fast? Yes, it depends on what you're comparing it to...

Are quick loans dangerous?

The most important thing is that you, the borrower, have thought carefully about why you need a loan and how it will be repaid.

We believe our loans are no more dangerous than ordinary bank loans. On the contrary!

  • We have hidden costs. Bank loans may look cheap, but when the bill comes, they've often added a lot of fees that you didn't expect. For example, an origination fee.
  • We have no commitment period. If you no longer need your loan or are not satisfied with us, you just pay back what is left of the loan. You only pay for the months you have had the loan.
  • We have fixed costs. Our charges are the same every month. You know exactly what it's going to cost. We have no interest rates that go up and down, and therefore no surprises.

Is a quick loan expensive?

We have fixed prices and again hidden charges. We tell you exactly how much the loan costs. And we never tie you up as a customer. You can pay back the loan at any time. It's up to you to decide whether it's cheap or expensive.

It's not just the interest commercial loan that is a cost. Be aware of companies that have hidden fees or tie you up as a business owner to pay fees on the loan. Call us to find out more!

How can I get a quick loan for my business?

Quick loans for businesses

Applying for a loan with us is simple and easy. All you need to do is fill in the amount you want to borrow, your company's CVR number and your contact details. We promise to get back to you quickly with a response to your loan application.

Applying for our loans is free and, of course, non-binding. You'll receive an offer by email and can decide at your leisure whether to proceed.