Business credit- what is it?

Operating credit, business credit or overdraft – dear child has many names. An overdraft is suitable for your business when you want to avert uneven cash flow.

What is business credit?

A business credit, also called operating or overdraft for companies, is a credit that means that companies have the opportunity to continuously borrow money up to a certain limit at any time.

The company then pays an interest rate for the part of the credit that is utilized. The interest rate on a business credit or overdraft for companies varies greatly from bank to bank, as well as being set depending on the creditworthiness of the company.

A business credit is an agreement with a financial institution which sets a maximum limit on credit, and the borrower then has the option to use nothing, all or part of the credit.

The company can use as little or as much of the credit as you need – as long as the maximum credit limit is not exceeded.

When to use a business credit?

An overdraft can be a good idea in the event of a temporary need for liquidity.

A common way to accommodate these fluctuations in cash flow is to obtain a so-called operating credit or business credit.

A business credit allows the company to buy, for example, the resources you need to meet short-term goals.

How can a business credit be used?

Many companies use business credit to increase their capital. The operating credit is primarily intended to help the company with its liquidity in a short term and not a long-term financing. An operating credit is usually used for short-term operational needs, for example to cover wages when recruiting, when you want to increase inventory before Christmas sales, need more capital to deliver on a large order or avert seasonal fluctuations.

Is a business credit a good form of lending?

The ideal, of course, is to have saved money, but if you do not have the money, a business credit is a good alternative. A business credit can help you meet short-term needs such as purchasing goods, inventory, or other operating costs. With proper application, a business credit can help you grow your business.

One of the advantages of a business credit if you compare to a traditional loan is that you only pay for the portion of the credit you take advantage of.

How can my company get a business credit?

Getting a business loan from the bank can be difficult. If you're a start-up or have a history of payment defaults, you can apply for a standard business loan with no collateral requirements. Make sure you can pay back the credit on time.

Many companies find alternative financing options online, such as Qred, which can quickly and effortlessly grant business loans to small start-ups and businesses that do not have a high credit rating.

While banks are not always willing to grant a business loan to low-credit companies, you can apply for a business loan with Qred quickly and simply through our automated process. This means you get a quick response to your loan application.