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Green loans

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Green loans from Qred

Qred strives to create more green and sustainable solutions.

If you also have the dream of creating more sustainable solutions, we would like to help push your company in the direction of environmentally friendly actions. That's why we have now launched the Green Loans.

What can Green Loans be used for?

At Qred we offer Green Loans, so companies can invest in solar cells, transition to electric car or energy optimizing processor.

The focus of the Green Loans is to create and provide companies with better solutions that benefit the environment and the climate.

With rising energy prices, sustainable approaches become even more relevant. By thinking sustainability in terms of self-sufficient energy sources, the company becomes less vulnerable to external factors.

How to qualify for Green Loans?

Green loans are a new product from Qred.

For Qred to offer a Green Loan, there must be active steps towards a greener investment. This could be an invoice for an electric car down payment, an offer for solar cells or an order confirmation.

The loan offered by Qred must be in line with the existing processes, where we look at the company's turnover and assess whether the company can support the loan.

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Together we move the world

Helping Danish companies is something we do every day at Qred . By engaging with businesses and offering them finance, entrepreneurs are empowered to grow their businesses. This creates space for them to focus on what they do best, which is running a business. It's our passion, and right now we've helped more than 3,000 Danish businesses grow and develop. And overall, Qred has helped 12,000 businesses across our markets. This has contributed to 10 new jobs a day, 7 days a week.

We also help against the global challenges

In Denmark, more than 19 million euros have been disbursed for environmental investments by large companies, while several small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling to get support from banks to get started. Qred will help to change this.

Through Qred's Green Loans, we are now taking a further step towards the 17 SDGs.

We offer Green Loans for environmentally beneficial investments that a company wants to make. The following is a list of different actions, but it is not exhaustive:

  • Payment for electric car
  • Payments for solar photovoltaic systems
  • Heat pump
  • Energy renovations

How Qred's Green Loans work

At Qred, we always offer an individual credit assessment for each business when we receive a loan application. In this process, we ask for proof of turnover as well as the owner's personal annual statement. For our Green Loans, in addition to the aforementioned documents, we will ask for documentation that specifies what the green investment or acquisition is about. If our credit assessment and your documentation match, we can offer a loan where we further reduce the monthly price. The discount and lower price are given on the basis of the individual credit assessment.

With Green Loans, you do not lose the right to repay the loan early. The loan is still paid out quickly and there are no hidden fees.

We reserve the right to follow up on the given investment, so we get a sense of how our Green Loans are helping to drive the green transition in Denmark.

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