Qred initiates cooperation with Crediwire


Qred, the fintech lending company for the self-employed, has partnered with Crediwire. So even more of the country's small and medium-sized enterprises can obtain the funding needed to develop the business. 

The crisis of recent years is no secret and many traders have been hit hard. Qred has helped many companies develop and equip, so they now have even stronger opportunities.

"It is an exciting collaboration we have started with Qred. The collaboration is a direct extension of Crediwire's vision of creating better financial experiences. It is a great advantage for companies that they can now be offered relevant products, directly based on their own figures" says Nicholas Meilstrup, Ceo of Crediwire. 

In a busy everyday life, it is important that companies can make the right financial decisions. Crediwire offers a digital platform for businesses that want more knowledge, better decisions and ultimate opportunities to build an even stronger business.

"When small and medium-sized enterprises have to borrow money, the process must be short and simple. Through the cooperation Qred has entered into with Crediwire, we will be able to credit the companies quickly and deliver a response within a very short time. And create growth opportunities for even more companies." says Melisa Melin, country manager in Denmark.

The cooperation between Qred and Crediwire creates an even larger support system around the self-employed who want to create development and growth in their companies. This allows us to better customer experience in the process of applying for a business loan.

About Crediwire

Crediwire was founded in 2015, in Copenhagen, with a dream of creating better financial experiences for companies and their advisors. Crediwire is one of the most influential fintechs in the Nordic region and today, in addition to banks and accountants, helps more than 13,000 companies.

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About Qred 

Qred was founded in Stockholm in 2015 by entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. Qred is one of Europe's fastest growing companies, and today has operations in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Brazil and Belgium. Across countries, Qred has helped 25,000 companies with easy financing to continue growth. 

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Sanne Holmvang
Marketing Manager, Denmark