Corporate finance

We have extensive experience with corporate financing of small and newly created Danish companies. Learn more about how our corporate finance works.

Corporate finance

There are several different ways of obtaining corporate finance. The first thought of most business owners is to go to the bank. It is a very good solution if you are a larger company, with many years of history and high creditworthiness. But for small Danish companies, it can be somewhat difficult to get a loan from the traditional banks. Corporate financing of small businesses is both high risk while the profits are small – similar to financing larger well-established companies. Therefore, small Danish companies often get a no when they approach the bank with the hope of corporate financing.

At Qred, we focus exclusively on corporate financing of small Danish companies. We understand that as a business owner, you often can't wait weeks or months for funding. Therefore, we have made a simplified application process. It takes a maximum of one minute to apply. You will receive an answer to your loan application within an hour. Payment is made on the same day.

How to find the right business finance

When you as a business owner need business financing, there are a number of parameters that you should consider, assess, and examine – before taking out a business loan. Check the market. Each company has different financing needs. Find the loan offer that ensures your business succeeds. It is one thing to compare the interest and expenses on the loan, but also assess the amount of the loan as well as the maturity – that is, how much are the loan providers willing to lend you, and how quickly you are expected to be able to pay the money back.