Microloans for businesses

Do you own a small business and find it difficult to get a business loan? We'll fix it!

What is a microloan?

A microloan is a loan to a relatively small business. Originally used to stimulate small businesses in developing countries, microloans are at least as suitable for small Danish businesses.

A small business microloan with us is a loan of up to 250,000 DKK This is ideal when small businesses have a temporary need for extra liquidity.

Above all, microloans are used when there is no collateral to pledge, such as property and capital goods.

Our loans have no origination fee, no commitment period, no hidden fees, no interest. Just a fixed monthly fee.

Microloans for businesses

There is a difference between small businesses

Many banks and lenders pride themselves on their focus on SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). According to the EU, a small enterprise has up to 50 employees, while a medium-sized enterprise has up to 250 employees. At Qred, when we talk about small businesses, we mean the very smallest businesses that have very few or no employees. Unfortunately, this is not a segment that many people find profitable, and banks refer to them as micro-enterprises.