Loan for business with payment arrears?

No problem. At Qred, we don't prejudge.

Does your company have one or more payment reminders? Here's how to save the day.

Work hard on liquidity. Call customers and get them to pay any overdue bills, cut costs, ask for deferrals from suppliers, get new instalment and repayment arrangements with your creditors. Above all, make sure you have your business under control and don't lose your grip so that your business doesn't get into serious difficulties.

What is a payment reminder?

A payment reminder indicates that you have bills that you have not paid. For example, you may not get a loan, an apartment or a telephone subscription.

The term payment reminder is the common name used by credit reference agencies for various information they collect. When a company or individual does not pay its bills on time. You will first receive written warnings from your creditor and later from the debt collection agency. If you still do not pay, you will be reported to the RKI register and the Debtor Register, which are registers of bad payers.

What to do if your company has payment reminders

Does the payment reminder automatically mean that the company can never take out a business loan again? No - not necessarily.

A payment default damages your business's creditworthiness and ability to get a business loan or credit, and in many cases it will mean that your application for a business loan will be rejected. At Qred, we try to look at the big picture and not just reject a business if it has a payment default. We therefore make an overall assessment of the company and its situation. In some cases, we may still grant a business loan. For example, if the company can find a guarantor who will guarantee the loan.

Loan for business with payment arrears?