Loans to transport companies

Is it time to invest in new vehicles or accessories? Or do you need to get through the off-season?

Get the loan you need to keep going

Running a transport business is no easy matter. As the owner of a company, you have to keep many balls in the air and, among other things, deal with large expenses for purchases and operations. Sometimes you also have unexpected repair costs. Whatever your needs are, Qred is happy to help you finance your transport business.

Applying for our loans is easy, and you'll usually receive a response to your loan application within an hour.

What can I use a business loan for a transport company for?

Only you know how best to spend the money. We have many clients in the transport industry. Here are some examples of what our loans have been used for:

Financing for the purchase of new trucks or other transport vehicles

Aloan for a new truck is a purpose we often see with transport companies. Often our loans are combined with dealer financing, where our business loans can be used as down payment loans when they purchase or lease a new truck.

Repair credit is a credit for unexpected repairs. Our loan is ideal because you get a quick response and can have money in the bank the same day. That way you avoid costly downtime.

Hiring new staff is expensive, and here you often spend before you get a return on your investment. But without new staff, your business can't grow. We'll help you get beyond your short-term needs.

Loans for equipment, tyres, ploughs, trailers, fuel... The list goes on and on. Contact us and tell us about your needs.

Loans to transport companies

How to get a business loan for a transport company?

Applying for a loan with us is easy. It only takes a moment and you'll get a quick response. We don't require you to provide collateral for our loans. However, we do require that you guarantee the loan as a self-debtor.