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Entrepreneur without money?

Entrepreneur without money?

Sille Larsen

Marketing Lead Denmark

Many people dream of running their own business, but entrepreneurship often comes with costs and it can feel overwhelming. How can you start a business if you can't even afford to buy what you need to get started?

Fortunately, it is actually possible to start a business without any money. All it takes is ingenuity, hard work and discipline. Here are some tips and things to consider if you're starting a business with no money!

Focus on what matters

A common mistake for those starting a business for the first time is taking on too much at once. Try to keep your foot on the brake, even though it can be tempting to take on all the ideas at once. Doing too much at once significantly increases the risk of failure, especially if you don't have money to lose. 

Instead, focus on the basics and make sure you get the merry-go-round running before jumping into new things. Make sure one or a few products are high quality and then go from there. If you have success with these products, you can expand!

Reviewing your company's costs 

Every business has different needs and circumstances. This means that the funding your business needs will depend entirely on the type of industry you want to work in and how you want to run your business. Review the costs before you get started. 

Does your business need to pay for any of this to get started?

  • Rentals 
  • Procurement of tools and equipment 
  • Licenses or permits 
  • Marketing 

If your business has to pay for more of these to get off the ground, it quickly becomes very expensive. Without capital, it can be a big struggle and an uphill battle from the start. This can lead to losing money and your business, which is something you want to avoid. You want to change the world all at once, but try to take small steps at a time and take on bigger costs as your business grows.

Change the business plan for your start-up 

Once you've reviewed your costs and are ready to get started, the next step is to revise your business plan. Even if you've reviewed your costs, there are some strategies you can use to reduce them.

Dare to dream big, but be realistic at the same time. A mix is best!

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