Every business needs help once ina while

We've learned that business owners face challenges with big banks. That's why we offer easy and flexible financing for small businesses

Qred helped me to take a chance with an extension.

-Nader, Rajissimo

Qred returned with a loan offer after one day. It felt like a fair deal!

-Rene, 24 sports prizes and emblems

Thanks to Qred, the company was able to make it through a tough time.

-Rudi, GenstartHeart

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Qred was created in Stockholm with a desire to improve the banking experience for small businesses and put the customer's needs first.


Qred expands to the Finnish market and opens offices in both Helsinki and Latvia.


Qred open its doors in Denmark.


Qred enters the Dutch market.


Qred establishes operations in Brazil.


Qred launches in Belgium and the Financial Times names Qred Sweden's fastest growing company.


Qred launched access to My Qred and integration with E-tax.

The story of Qred

Once upon a time there was a very young entrepreneur. He had a dream of starting a business. It was new, exciting and unknown. The first thing he needed was a bank account where he could put his hard-earned capital. Proudly, the entrepreneur went to the nearest bank to tell them he wanted to open an account for his new business and deposit 100,000 kroner.

With great enthusiasm, he told the banker about his business plans and he asked why the entrepreneur had chosen to come to their bank. Given that the bank had been named Business Bank of the Year earlier in the year, the entrepreneur thought to himself that this was a slightly odd question, but replied that it was his impression that the bank would be a good fit for his business. After 15 minutes of meeting, the entrepreneur was told that unfortunately the bank did not find the case well thought out and that the entrepreneur could therefore not be accepted as a customer of the bank.

The message felt like a cold bucket of water to the head. How could this even be possible? After all, he had no intention of borrowing money without putting DKK 100,000 in the bank. Maybe he wasn't a real entrepreneur? Maybe the banker was right? Fortunately, he didn't give up. He found another bank that was more cooperative...

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Our partners

Qred is certified by e-mærket to ensure your security

We use NemID for secure identification

We partner with Scrive for digital contract management

Qred as a payment institution is registered and regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

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Qred continues to grow and we are looking for new Qredsters.
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