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Dinero offers business loans in collaboration with fintech company Qred


A new collaboration between the Dinero accounting program and fintech company Qred will give SMEs better access to finance.

Dinero's customers can now apply for a business loan directly through their account with Dinero. Using information about the company coupled with the fintech company's own information and other external data sources, Qred can accelerate the credit rating and help Dinero's customers seize growth opportunities when they arise or provide access to liquidity when it is vital for the company's survival.

"Among other things, we have chosen to work with Qred because they are quick to react when a company applies for money. When the pizzeria owner's oven suddenly burns down, he needs a new pizza oven to keep the business running at all. In this situation, it is not sustainable to have to go through a long casework at your bank. For the pizzeria owner, it's all about getting the money into the account so he can buy a new pizza oven and drive the business on, says Martin Thorborg, co-founder and CEO of Dinero.

"At the same time, Qred, like Dinero, has a completely transparent business model. There are no extra costs written in small print or a complicated repayment scheme. As a user, you pay one lump sum each month, and if you have to find a cheaper loan somewhere else in the city, you can repay your loan at no extra cost."

Shared ambitions to promote entrepreneurship and offer the smallest companies the best possible conditions for doing business have been the starting point for the cooperation between Dinero and Qred.

"Dinero has for years delivered the best business solutions for the smallest companies, and is therefore an important strategic partner for us. The collaboration with Dinero enables us to better serve the SME market in Denmark and support even more Danish companies in their growth ambitions. The companies we meet are very different, but the fundamental challenge is the same. They are hampered by the difficulty of getting the necessary funding to ensure that the company can grow and keep operations going," says Nanna Thorø Liebregt, Country Manager Denmark.

Because it is difficult to be a small and young company in Denmark, but if Qred can still help companies that cannot get the bank on board at the desired speed, it is because Qred has developed an automated and efficient platform for lending.

The company uses the same data as banks to determine whether a small business can be approved for a loan, but at the same time includes unconventional sources in the credit rating such as the company's Facebook profile, reviews on Trustpilot, geo-data, invoice payments and email addresses. It is precisely this technological approach to lending that is the reason why the service has been a great success in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. In just four years Qred has already helped 8000 companies with financing.

Fact: How Qred Qred works offers an alternative and flexible solution for business. Companies can borrow up to DKK 250,000 for up to 12 months. No creation fee or interest is paid, instead the refund can be compared to a subscription solution. A flat fee is paid per month you have the loan. This means that you only pay the fee in the months you actually have the loan, just as the company can repay the loan at any time at no cost.

Fact: How to apply for business loans through Dinero Already now Dinero's customers can apply for a business loan. Here's how:

  • You log into dinero > Settings (cog in right corner) -> Integrations -> Start Qred business loan application.
  • Fill in the form with all the information. Please agree that we will send the information provided.
  • Once the loan application has been sent, you will be called by your personal case manager within one hour, where you will review the loan together.
  • You will receive an email and SMS with link to sign the loan with your NemID.
  • You get the money paid out the same day and post it in your Dinero company – see how here.

Read more: dinero.dk

About Dinero Dinero is an accounting program for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises. Dinero is available in both a free and a payment version and currently has 54,000 active users.

Contact information Henrik Bruun Alexandersen, PR manager mobile: 50 52 52 73 e-mail: henrik@dinero.dk

About Qred Qred is a Fintech scale up, founded in Stockholm in 2015 with the vision of making it easier for small and start-ups to access finance. With a new technological approach to lending, we have succeeded in challenging the traditional business models in finance for companies, and today we are the market leader in Scandinavia, consist of a dedicated team of more than 40 people, operate in four and continue to grow with the ambition to be smEs' preferred alternative to fast, secure and comfortable financing. Read more: qred.dk


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