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We have now integrated eSkat

We have now integrated eSkat

Sanne Holmvang

Marketing Manager, Denmark

Our application process has now become even more flexible!

We've got eSkat, what does that mean? 

Now we can finally announce that we have a new implementation, namely eSkat. Every time we try something new, it is always with some excitement for how you receive it. 

A few months ago, we launched My Qred , which you have embraced, and thank you for it. 

Now it is about the integration of eSkat 

An integration that we have been working on for a long time, to make the entire application process even more flexible. And we can now rejoice that it is now ready.

Flexibility in focus

With eSkat, it has now become even easier than before to share your personal annual statement with us. This means that, together with mobile banking, it is possible to fill in and send all the necessary information via your phone for us to make a credit assessment. 

We strive to help the business owner in the situation they are in, whether it is on a construction site or in the middle of negotiations with the supplier to refill the warehouse. 


eSkat is a direct integration between our credit rating system and the Danish Tax Agency's storage of annual statements. *

This means that you no longer need to download and send it to us via email. Now you can simply and securely follow the link we can send, and give access to the Danish Tax Agency to submit your latest annual statement.

We have the opportunity to offer the solution eSkat, because we are controlled and regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, as registered as a credit company. 


If permission is granted for the digital sharing between Qred and the Danish Tax Agency, Qred will only be able to see a here and now picture. We will therefore only receive your latest annual statement. 

Likewise, we will receive it in a PDF file, so we do not have the opportunity to change anything in your tax folder. 

How it works 

The whole process consists of 6 steps divided into 2 parts. You as a user experience only the first part 

The first part is consent  

  1. Via a link you as a user receive from us, you consent to the digital sharing between Qred and the Danish Tax Administration 
  2. Qred receives notification that you you have given consent 
  3. Consent is stored with the Tax Administration. 

The second part is the data delivery itself

  1. Qred requests data from the Tax Administration, in this case you as the business owner's personal annual statement. 
  2. If the request is approved, the Tax Administration will send the data to Qred 
  3. You as a user will receive a receipt in your tax folder that access has been granted. 

This whole process doesn't take much more than a total of 1 minute. 

Your acceptance 

As a security for you as a user, your consent is only active for 24 hours. We can and must therefore only use the consent for the individual loan application that is sent in. 

Upcoming features 

As mentioned, at this time we can only see your annual statement. However, as we would like to continue to make it easier and faster to apply for a loan, we continue to work on it. 

We therefore hope that we will soon be able to present the following to you as well 

  • Possibility that we can see what any debt is for. This will enable us to make a more accurate credit rating of especially newly start-ups 
  • Ability to share recent payslips 
  • Further information about the annual statement. This will create a more accurate picture, especially in the case of sole proprietorships. 

If you are in need of a loan, apply flexibly, free and without obligation at Qred. 

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