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Let's introduce My Qred

Let's introduce My Qred

Sanne Holmvang

Marketing Manager, Denmark

The new My Qred has landed - But what's new 

Every time you have to launch something new, you're always a little nervous. Are business owners going to like this? Will it work? Do users understand what it is we have improved? 

We hope so! 

Because we have really worked hard to solve what has been most requested by you who use the site and our products. 

👤 User in focus 

Our skilled product developers and designers have really tried to put the user in focus. This has been done through surveys, collecting data and following the most popular practices available. 

You as a user will experience a big difference in how you log in and use My Qred.

🔐 NemID

The biggest change will be that the owner of the company must now log in via NemID. Abolished are passwords and mail, to make it easier, so you don't have to remember that smart password you made a long time ago. At the same time, the now integrated NemID will help ensure that you can only log in and change information about the company and your loan.

Now you log in quickly, safely and simply - just like your online bank. 

NemID is used 2 million times every day, now we are ready to help that statistic increase, while increasing user-friendliness for you as a customer. 

🎉 New features

Other new features in this version of My Qred are: 

  • Ability to view and download late payments 
  • Possibility to download the final invoice yourself to repay the loan ahead of time.
  • View and retrieve your previous invoice
  • See previous loans
  • Better overall overview of your ongoing loan process 
  • Notifications of important events related to your loan
  • Direct chat to our customer service

🔜 Upcoming features 

  • Possibility to apply for a grace month if the company needs extra liquidity for a month. 

📱 Mobile in focus 

For the old "My pages", in over 50% of cases traffic has come from mobile phones. This means that you who use our product greatly prefer to use your mobile rather than a computer. This is something we hope to strengthen further with the new My Qred, as it is designed with the mobile in focus. Together with NemID, it has become much easier to look at your current loan, pick up an invoice and apply for a raise. 

🥳 What are you waiting for? The new My Qred is at your feet! 

We hope you like the improvements we've made in My Qred. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to chat directly with our advisors, call us on 8987 1006 or send an email to support@qred.se 

📣 Do you have feedback or tips for improvement? 

Though! We would love to hear what we can do better. The fact is that you can share your feedback directly with us in My Qred or through our pop-up here in the article, then our product developers can take care of the feedback.

Who knows? Maybe your suggestion will be included in the next version? 

Click here to share your feedback with us! 

Of course, you can always contact us in the chat, phone or email if you have comments or questions. 


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