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Have you heard about Entrepreneurship Week?

Have you heard about Entrepreneurship Week?

Sille Larsen

Marketing Lead Denmark

What is GEW week?

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a global campaign to celebrate and empower entrepreneurs. Every November, a major international event is held, where companies, politicians, entrepreneurs and role models around the world participate with presentations and discussions. It's the place to make new contacts in your network and get fresh ideas for your business.

We are writing to you about GEW to raise awareness of the essential driving force in our society, which is entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs account for the largest share of new jobs and are one of the cornerstones of innovative and creative development. Especially in these times of crisis after crisis, it is important to be able to come up with new solutions and drive the process forward. So we will tell you a little about what, among other things, will happen to Denmark in connection with this initiative. 

Friday the 11th. In November, the Capital Region of Denmark will start out by celebrating innovation at the entrepreneurial party in Copenhagen. Here, the focus will be on gathering politicians, entrepreneurs and business people to find solutions to the many challenges Denmark and the world are facing. Like everything else, it will be marked by the crises we are in, as the dialogue will be about the plummeting establishment rates and rising bankruptcies, and what to do to cope with this new normal. 

On Zealand, Nykøbing Falster Hospital invites you to a conference to discuss the future of healthcare. It will discuss what solutions are needed to pave the way for the sector's development. Nykøbing Falster Hospital will be the first hospital in Denmark to be the world's target hospital. They will take the initiative for a development that has not happened in Denmark before. Therefore, all the creative minds are calling for gathering to find solutions for this development.

In Horsens, our partners hold a Startup Central network meeting for entrepreneurs. They invite on coffee and new connection as they bring together entrepreneurs to share experiences and experiences, from the great success stories to the great challenges entrepreneurs experience.   

In Ringkøbing, Baking Sins by Lea invites you to a SoMe workshop. Here, time is set aside for help and sparring, for entrepreneurs who try their hand at social media. With a short presentation and interactive smartphone tasks, Lea will show what kind of tool, among other things, Instagram can be.

Odense offers coaching in sales with Martin, Ann Louise and Preben, who are all backed by more than 20 years of experience in sales training. Since 2001, they have helped numerous entrepreneurs and companies as investors, consultants and educators. 

LinkedIn, which is known as a network base for the professional world, is rarely seen as a sales tool, but in Kolding, Business Kolding invites you to a course in LinkedIn as a sales channel, where you will take a look at what kind of content can work on the social platform. 

Was that all?

These are only a handful of the events that are going to be held during Entrepreneur Week. To see what's happening in your area specifically, visit the Entrepreneur Week's own website www.gew.dk . Here you can also read how to sign up for the various events

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