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International Women's Day - Entrepreneurs In Denmark

International Women's Day - Entrepreneurs In Denmark


Country Manager Denmark

Entrepreneurship is not a specific education, you can become an entrepreneur from a variety of backgrounds. At Qred, we cherish entrepreneurs, and right now we are seeing a trend that the percentage of female entrepreneurs is increasing within Qred customers.

In connection with International Women's Day on March 8th, we at Qred have chosen to take a closer look at 4 female entrepreneurs in Denmark who come from different backgrounds.

Diamond Queen Katarine Pitzner

Denmark's Diamond Queen Katarine Pitzner was introduced to the diamond world by her father when she was 17 years old. One day Katarine's father showed her a 5 carat diamond and that was the day she became fascinated by diamonds. To this day, she is still in this business and is a successful entrepreneur. She is one of the recognized names in the diamond market and has been featured in several diamond investment seminars.

Sophie Trelles-Tvede

Young entrepreneur Sophie Trelles Tvede invented the hair elastic that looks like a telephone cord "Invisibobble" is the brand name. At the age of 17, she has achieved success and made her first million. She was tired of hair elastics that always pulled her hair when she took the elastic out of her hair. Now she has over 17 employees and her products are sold in over 40 countries. Despite her father being a successful entrepreneur, she has managed to achieve great success as a female entrepreneur without much help.

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

Many have heard her name when it was presented on TV as the program's host. In 2006, she was expecting her first child and it was a turning point for her. She took a test and found out that her body was not so free of chemicals after all. She decided to start the company Rudolph Care, which is a line of products without harmful and endocrine disrupting substances. And since then, the number of products has only grown.

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph was a known face beforehand, but in an interview with Ane Cortzen in Success Criterion, she explains how this wasn't always an advantage. She also says that she sought outside experience, as she was aware that she didn't have the knowledge of skincare products herself.

Frederikke Schmidt

In 2014, after designing shoes for Ferragamo and MaxMarra, she returned home from Florence to pursue a bachelor's degree in Marketing and start her own brand. And so she did. The Roccamore brand is high-heeled shoes with a focus on CSR and good comfort. The CSR interest is expressed by the fact that Frederikke Schmidt has chosen that her shoes should be produced exclusively from cowhide from the meat industry, the color she gets from the various fashion houses' leftovers. This means that the color of the products can vary slightly, and all products come with a story.
Frederikke's idea is not stupid, it has taken her company from selling 700 pairs of shoes in 2016 to daring dreams of a turnover of 100 million in 2021.

Every 4th entrepreneur is a woman

In Denmark and our neighboring countries, one in four entrepreneurs are women, and we like to highlight this from time to time. What all entrepreneurs have in common is that they have an idea they are passionate about and want to do more with it.

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