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How to Get Out of Ribers Credit Information (RKI)

How to Get Out of Ribers Credit Information (RKI)


Country Manager Denmark

What is RKI  

Ribers Credit Information - also called RKI, is a register you enter if you do not pay your bills. It is usually the debt collection agencies that register people who have not paid their bills on behalf of creditors.  Companies can also be registered as bad payers. This allows the credit institution, telephone companies, and others who sell goods on credit to check people and see if they are creditworthy of a loan or credit.

However, you do not just end up as registered in RKI without further ado. Several conditions must be met before a person or a company can be registered in the RKI. For example, the rule is that you must have received 3 alerts. In addition, the person notified with registration in Ribers must not have any objections. You can read more about the rules here.

You must therefore refuse to pay the amount for a longer period of time before you or your company can register for RKI.

Annually, approx. 200,000 people are registered in RKI, and it is approx. DKK 65,000 per. person. However, the statistics from Experian show that there are fewer and fewer registered in RKI since 2015.

What will registered use be for?

You may be thinking, "I'm in RKI and what?", but that actually means that many other companies won't give you "credit." In fact, it can be difficult to be allowed to take out something as simple as a telephone subscription. So it affects your credit rating. If you are registered in RKK, it is an expression that you have not complied with one or more previous payment agreements and thus an expression that you are a bad payer. And many companies will then refuse to give you or your company a loan or credit. For example, a car dealer will require you to pay in cash, and they will always require up front payment.

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How to get out of RKI

Fortunately, you can also get rid of your registration in Ribers Kredit Information.

  • Paid the due
  • Enter into an installment arrangement with your creditors

In addition, it is important that you mention to your creditors that they must remember to remove the registration.

  • The 5 year rule. According to the Personal Data Act, the registers are obliged to delete the annotation after 5 years. You are not allowed to store sensitive personal data for more than 5 years. Therefore, the registration will be removed. However, you are still liable for the debt. So it is not the debt that disappears, but just the registration, which means that others cannot see that you have debt.

Bisnode Debtor Register

In addition, there is another register in Denmark, called Bisnode Debtor Register, it works in the same way as RKI and the same rules apply. It is up to the creditor/debt collector to decide where to register the debtor as a bad payer.

In Denmark, it is not the state that ensures that there is a register, and there is therefore no veto on the register.

You can read more about the debtor register here

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