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Green investments

Green investments

Sanne Holmvang

Marketing Manager, Denmark

As the focus on environmental awareness and sustainable businesses and products has grown, so have green or environmentally-oriented financing and investment opportunities. 

The purpose of green investments

Denmark has set a number of targets to tackle the climate change that is gradually occurring globally. These goals include reducing CO2 emissions. 

If no action is taken on climate change, scientists believe that we will see rising oceans and flooded areas, animals will become extinct due to increased temperatures and more extreme weather phenomena such as storms, flooding, droughts, massive amounts of rain will become more and more common across the globe. 

In order to reach the 2030 goals, it is therefore necessary that we all contribute. In this context, Qred now also offers advantageous financing for green investments for businesses. 

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on how we in the private sector can reduce our CO2 emissions individually. But in order to really move the needle, we as companies also need to think about the green transition.

Qred is a green company

In recent years, the Qred organization has become active in the fight to empower the planet. We run a collaboration with the Swedish support organization that helps and supports women in Africa to start their own businesses, thereby increasing living conditions and helping to reduce poverty. 

For the past few years, we have participated in the "Breakit Impact Challenge" with a special focus on reducing our carbon footprint. We have done this by encouraging more people to cycle or walk to work, better waste sorting at work, weighting climate-oriented suppliers and optimizing all the smaller things that add up and make a big difference. 

Now we want to take it one step further by offering loans for environmental optimization measures at small and medium-sized businesses. 

What can a green loan be used for 

Normally, a loan from Qred can be used for anything. But with our Green Loans, it has to be for an environmentally optimizing improvement. But the list is still long, we offer loans for: 

  • Electric car financing 
  • Climate optimizations in buildings 
  • Payments for solar photovoltaic systems 
  • Heat pump 
  • Converting packaging to sustainable packaging 

The opportunity for traditional banks

Nowadays, the vast majority of banks offer green loans to both individuals and businesses. Green loans provide the opportunity to create environmental improvements in the areas of CO2 emission reduction, development of environmentally friendly technology and green transitions in society. In this context, there are also a number of criteria that must be met. This is because when banks lend money, it is typically through a series of bonds that investors can buy. In this case, investors invest in green bond funds. On most securities trading platforms, it is possible to find the different banks' green investment funds. 

If you're ready to take the step towards a more sustainable business, apply for a Green Loan here.

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