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Free offer for traders - From Skat

Free offer for traders - From Skat

Sanne Holmvang

Marketing Manager, Denmark

As a start-up business owner, there are many things and topics to keep track of, some of the most important points are VAT, customs and tax payments, which can quickly become costly if you don't keep track of your deadlines. 

The Danish tax system is complex and can be complicated, which is why the Danish Tax Agency has created a number of free guidance offers to help start-ups and companies get started.

The different guidance offerings are: 


The Danish Tax Agency has created a series of videos that are freely available on the Danish Tax Agency's website. They are divided into sole proprietorships and companies. They cover topics such as tax account, VAT if you trade with other EU countries, basic good to know when starting up as an EV, PMV or a company and basic information on accounting and bookkeeping. All videos are between 10 and 20 minutes long, so they are easy and affordable to watch and go back to if there is something you need to watch more than once. 


Every month, the Danish Tax Agency hosts approximately 3 webinars on different topics. Topics include VAT across EU countries, basic knowledge for start-ups and more. There is an opportunity to ask questions to one of their tax experts in connection with the review. Also covered are special agreement documents that are important to know if you operate outside Denmark's borders. A special feature is that the webinars are scheduled around the major reporting dates, which means that the VAT webinar is held shortly before the VAT reporting is due. 

Guidance conversation

For sole traders, it is possible to book an appointment for a free telephone consultation during the first 2 years of the company's existence. The call can cover all the areas you come across as a start-up and doubts arise. For example, VAT, customs, tax and various reports. 

The Danish Tax Agency has just published a guide on start-ups for sole traders and companies. 

Specifically for importers and exporters

In addition to the general webinars about business in general, the Danish Tax Agency has created a number of webinars specifically targeted at importers and exporters. 

A quarterly webinar is held on customs for beginners. In addition, there are ongoing webinars on trade agreements, customs value and preferential origin, among other topics. 

If you need further explanation after the webinar "Customs for beginners", it is possible to book a telephone consultation, virtual meeting or in person at the Customs Agency's address or your business address, within customs 

Specifically for automotive companies 

The Danish Tax Agency offers general guidance within the motor area with the Danish Motor Agency. The meeting can take place physically at the Danish Motor Agency's address, virtually or by phone. Among other things, they can help with guidance on how to value vehicles. 

When booking a meeting with both the Danish Motor Agency and the Danish Customs Agency, they will ask you to submit your questions so they can prepare themselves as best as possible. 

Additional offers 

Along with the above guidance on tax, customs and VAT, the Danish Tax Agency also offers a guide on bookkeeping, which you can find here, regardless of business type.

Find all the different webinar topics here

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