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GenstartHjertet - A company with a real heartbeat

GenstartHjertet - A company with a real heartbeat

Sanne Holmvang

Marketing Manager, Denmark

GenstartHjertet is an example of a business that is a well-run sideline. Rudi, the owner and founder of GenstartHjertet, works as a firefighter in the armed forces and has been running his own business on the side since 2015. 

We got to know Rudi when he approached us for a loan to cover the period until the relief packages were disbursed. And we're proud to support a company that also has an important message. 

Interest in first aid was not alien

As an active full-time firefighter, first aid is something close to Rudi's heart, both practicing and teaching the important first aid. The idea of starting his own business was not far away when he attended a first aid course in 2015 and heard a presentation about being an independent trainer. 

As the son of a self-employed sign painter, he also knew what it was like to be self-employed first-hand. His interest in first aid itself started early, when he volunteered as a Samaritan and worked with his aunt at social events and functions. 

As a start-up entrepreneur, Rudi quickly experienced what it was like to be in an industry with fierce competition between customers. He saw some customers drop out or stay away because of one of his other customers. Despite fierce competition between the driving instructors who were his main customer group in the beginning, he had 14 out of 28 of the city's driving schools. 

When we talk about what's been the toughest, the answer comes immediately: Corona. 

Finding the balance between trusting your gut and trusting the people who have experience in an industry. 

Rudi learned this at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, when no one knew what was in store or how long the coronavirus restrictions and forced closures would last. Rudi therefore chose to follow the guidance of the marketing people he has to help him. In many ways, it made sense to be aggressive in his marketing so that he was ready for when his customers were ready. 

But unfortunately, corona took longer for the core to return, namely the driving schools. 

Today, when Rudi teaches courses, he has like 4 courses a week, two of which are driver's license courses, and then the courses he is really passionate about are the ones he teaches for companies. 

He can have up to 16 students at a time, and the age range is wide. It ranges from the compulsory driving school students who see it more as a compulsory part. While those who actively seek out the courses ask more in-depth questions. At the same time, he sees a greater demand among the 40-50 age group. 

When it comes to the general information about live first aid, Rudi would like to see more attention. As Rudi himself says, it's a shame that it takes an incident like Christian Eriksen's collapse in Parken to draw attention to such an important topic. 


A piece of advice for startups

Look into the different business networks and seek out the business networks. Personally, he missed the opportunity for a mentorship program. Ask local company CEOs if they would be willing to help as a mentor. 

Start small, figure out what's a need to have and what's a nice to have. Settle for a smaller computer to get you started, and then when the money starts coming in, upgrade to a bigger one. 

Do you want to learn more about life-saving first aid and be able to help if you are in a situation. 

Then we recommend you gather your friends, your colleagues, your leisure club, or the road to get a refresher. 

Contact Rudi for a course that's worth its weight in gold, but that none of us hope to ever need. 

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