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Generation Z - The generation can offer your business

Generation Z - The generation can offer your business

Sanne Holmvang

Marketing Manager, Denmark

We've all experienced moving into a more online and digital world, also when it comes to how we work. And we have experts in this world walking among us, learn how to spot them here.

Generation Z, Post-millennials, the mobile generation - there are many names for it. This is the generation that has grown up with the internet, smartphones, tablets and laptops. They are more independent and all these media are part of their environment and everyday life. As parents of this generation, it's no longer a question of whether the child should have a phone, computer or tablet, but rather when and which model it should be. Many in this generation have had access to phones, tablets and computers at a very early age, making it incredibly easy for them to access a huge information channel - the Internet.

Fun facts about Generation Z

Did you know that...

  • 98% own some form of smartphone?
  • 36% watch TV
  • they watch 83.7 min of online video every day
  • they surf approx. 170 min on mobile internet every day
  • They spend around 70 minutes a day on social media.

Are they getting younger and younger?

Many believe that Generation Z is getting younger in their behavior. American researcher Jean Twenge believes that 18-year-olds are behaving like 15-year-olds used to, and 13-year-olds are behaving like 10-year-olds. Twenge believes they become rebellious, more tolerant and lazy, less happy and totally unprepared for adulthood. As an example, 18% of Generation Z thought 13-year-olds should have a smartphone, compared to 4% of Generation X.

Heredity or environment?

Many believe that the environment in society has changed significantly compared to the previous generations, others believe that education and upbringing from parents should also be included in the explanation. Another explanation could be that Generation X and Y have also seen major developments and rapid technological advances, and both generations are buried in their own screens.

Generation Z that follows rarely sees how to act like an adult, resolve conflicts, interact with people in real life or confront people who disagree with you. So whose fault is it really?

Generation Z are experts

But what are they experts in? You probably can't hand them a toolbox and expect them to build something from scratch. But give them a computer and they can figure out how to solve the problem. The most important thing for you as a business is to know how to deal with Generation Z both as an employee and as a customer.

What should they be working on?

If you put someone from Generation Z with a device with internet, you can be pretty sure that your internet presence will improve. Maybe not all of them, but the vast majority of Generation Z, because they've been surrounded by media every day of their childhood. Your marketing, website, social media and so on will probably improve as a result.

They also expect more and faster feedback. Likewise, they expect to move up quickly, faster than other generations. More than 50% expect to be promoted twice within the first five years.

How to recruit Generation Z

Generation Z is less risk-averse than X and Y. Secure career choices generally take precedence over the desire for self-actualization. Although Generation Z doesn't see as strict a division between work and leisure as previous generations, they do expect more from their employers. One example of this is that the generation demands to be able to work whenever and wherever they want. So how flexible is your company, you should ask yourself?

Furthermore, post-millennials want to work for someone and something they can stand behind. Sustainability, values and so on are more important than how much money they make. You talk more and more about what you do for a living than what's on your paycheck.

Post-millennials also stand out from millennials when it comes to education. They are less likely to take out student loans and complete any education or training courses they have started. They value personal development and lifelong learning more than a certificate. One example is how many guides and educational materials are available on YouTube, for example. Today, you can become a fully functioning programmer by surfing around and watching videos on YouTube.

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Features and benefits

Some things are different compared to previous generations. Here we have listed some

Ability to concentrate

That is, how long you can hold your attention and focus on a particular thing. It is typically lower for this generation compared to previous generations, believed to be related to the way Generation Z perceives and processes information and news. They are used to media such as Twitter, Instagram and the like where you quickly scroll on.


What they lose in concentration, they gain in multitasking. Generation Z is more used to sitting at the computer, writing notes and watching TV in the background. Things that previous generations struggle with.

Independent or group work

"I can do it myself!" has never been truer. We're seeing a rise in self-employment and freelancing and it's been there for the past few years.

Digital pioneer

Being a digital pioneer or early adopter means being quick to react to changes or innovations in technology and apps. 40% of Generation Z respondents say that a reliable WI-FI connection is more important than restrooms in public places, restaurants, cafes, etc.


Generation Z communicate entirely in writing, whether it's email, SMS or other text media or face-to-face through Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype or other video solutions. Making a regular phone call can be intimidating and something they'd rather avoid.

Brands are not that important

While previous generations have paid a lot of attention to branded products, this generation cares very little about it. Discounts, appearance, delivery time and getting the price right are more important. The right price has become a social issue for Generation Z. So they are happy to consult friends, search further, watch movies and contact their social circle about the brand and the product. Youtube has become a more popular tool in the buying process.


Social influencers play a bigger role and can determine whether the generation buys from company a or company b, even if it's the same product, price and delivery terms. If an influencer has recommended the product from company b, they will pull the customer into their store despite a higher price and longer delivery time. Packaging is also very important as more and more photos and videos are being taken of the generation's purchases.

Openness and communication count for a lot

Whether it's a physical job as a carpenter or an office job in marketing, Generation Z expects a lot of feedback, transparency and communication. What you give, you get back.

Enjoy your business and Generation Z

/The team at Qred

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