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Get happier customers

Get happier customers

Sanne Holmvang

Marketing Manager, Denmark

Having happy customers is so much more than just providing a great product, affordable service or quick response time. Having happy customers is about going the extra mile and thinking about the entire journey - from start to finish. From the very first contact to the last, the customer needs to know that you and your company are doing your best to make them as comfortable as possible. 

Happy customers compare prices less often, are less price sensitive and are 3 times more likely to recommend your business. They are also 3 times more likely to shop with you again. So focus on great customer service and sell more

Your customer service is an important part of your business

We also understand that you don't have a team that sits in customer service all day. As a self-employed or entrepreneur, your job description is typically customer service, manager, salesperson and warehouse worker. That's why structure is important, and with structure you can streamline many of your workflows. This also applies to streamlining the handling of emails, phone calls or other messages. Another misconception is that you have to be available at all times, but it doesn't have to be that way. On the contrary, the customer expects a response when you have indicated that you are open or available. Promise too little rather than too much and be realistic about what you can deliver for customers. 

Build loyalty 

In addition to responding quickly to phone, email and social media, it's important to create value and engagement for the customer. How can you do this? 


Create value by always being friendly, approachable and solution-oriented when dealing with customers. This can apply to price, delivery, quality, product features or similar. A customer in 2021 will believe they have a relationship with a company, as consumers identify with the brand and are inspired by influencers, among other things. A value that you can consider adding can be content and information about how to handle and use your product, or what to think about when reselling the product. You could do this in the form of a newsletter or blog post. 


Writing content that actually helps the customer and not just about you and your business is what is most likely to drive engagement on your social channels. An example could be that you sell bicycles. Writing about your offers and why customers should choose your products is great, but mix it up with content about how to fix a broken chain or what to look out for when buying a new saddle. This way, you'll also create a customer service experience for your customers that makes them remember you, and you'll reach people who may not be looking for a new bike but just need help with their bike chain. 

Membership clubs also help create engagement between people. It gives consumers a sense of exclusivity, while increasing your chances of offers and information being read and shared. 

The customer journey

If you truly understand your customers' unique customer journey, you'll gain valuable knowledge and insight into what they can improve. In the past, the process was considered to end when the customer reached step 7, but today we know and understand that there are steps after the purchase. The steps in the customer journey are:

  1. Attraction
  2. Knowledge
  3. Interest 
  4. Knowledge
  5. Conviction 
  6. Comparison
  7. Transaction
  8. Ownership and delivery
  9. Sales 

Customer experience vs. customer service 

In short, customer service is only one part of the customer experience. Imagine calling a contractor to help you renovate a bathroom and getting an immediate response, a quick quote and a start date. That's good customer service. If the contractor doesn't show up on the day or charges more than agreed, you've had a bad customer experience despite the service being good. 

Take a look at the customer journey. Where in the lifecycle are you delivering great customer service and where in the process can it be improved? Could it be at the beginning, so you don't get as many new customers? Or at the end, so there are fewer returning customers. It's easy to put so much focus in one place that the other end of the process seems forgotten. 

An appreciative customer is a happy customer

We've all been on the receiving end of bad publicity or reviews. But studies show that customers who leave feedback and rate a product, service or business are more likely to return and shop again. 

So sit down and explore how you can improve the customer journey and experience with your products or services 

Good luck //The Qred team

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