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Getting a business loan is simple - or is it?

Getting a business loan is simple - or is it?

Sanne Holmvang

Marketing Manager, Denmark

Going to the bank and getting a loan for your business has never been easy! 

Or, wait a minute? Is that really true? The fact is that big banks have been focusing more and more on personal loans, mainly mortgages and home loans, in recent decades. This is despite the fact that banks were founded with the purpose of storing individuals' belongings and helping businesses with their cash management and loans. In other words, the playing field has shifted and today's small business owners are finding it difficult to get financing, especially if they are new and small. 

Financial crises and economic instability have caused banks to shift their focus from lending money to small businesses to helping individuals with loans, savings and payment solutions such as credit cards etc. 

What is the solution? 

The solution is available online.

There are few things that can reduce thresholds, remove barriers and provide better service outside of traditional business hours. If you're applying for a business loan at a major bank, you may have to go down to the office at a specific time between 10am and 3pm on a weekday to fill out additional information for your application. This takes unnecessary time and energy away from you and your business. What's more, it may be for nothing when you find out a few weeks later that you won't get a loan. You will have lost further time and momentum compared to your competitors and customers. 

That's why you should apply online instead. It usually takes no more than a minute to complete the application and you'll receive a response within 24 hours, often within hours of submitting your application and documents. You will then be notified whether you can get a loan for your business and what the scheme will be. 

Why online business loans? 

Because it's fast, safe and easy! 

There's no hassle with reports, accounts and other processes. For example, if you're a restaurant owner whose oven has broken, you can't wait weeks or even months for a loan to be approved and disbursed. Speed is important for you and your business so you can quickly fix the problem and keep making money. 

You sign with MitID and everything on our website is encrypted with a secure connection. Your contact details, information, notes, etc. are safe with us in our systems.

But above all, it's easy. It only takes 1 minute to apply and you don't need to provide any additional information or documents - unless you want to. Then we'll call you for a chat about you, your business and the loan you've applied for. No need to chase us, we'll call you! Once we've spoken to you and done our credit assessment, which will hopefully result in a loan offer. You will receive it by email, so you can read through the entire agreement before signing with MitID. The offer is valid for 7 days, and you can sign at any time and get the money paid out - the same day. 

We're proud of our reviewer and testimonials! 

Since the beginning, our customers have valued our service and product. That's why we have great reviews on Facebook, Google and Trustpilot - and we're proud of that! It's proof that we're doing things right and filling a gap for Denmark's small businesses. 

Try us out!

  • The application is free and non-binding. 
  • Free and non-binding offer valid for 7 days. 
  • No start-up or termination fees.
  • No lock-in period. Repay the loan early at no cost. 
  • No other taxes or hidden fees. 

Check us out

Visit us at qred.dk to learn more about who we are, or give us a call at 89871006. You are also welcome to send us an email to support@qred.dk if you have any questions. 

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